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In July 2011, the company set up the academician and expert workstation upon joint approval of 8 units involving Association for Science and Technology of Chongqing City, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Municipal Science and Technology Committee. This workstation is the first and only approved academician and expert workstation of the private enterprise in Chongqing City.

The academician and expert workstation is mainly guided by the planned target of prioritizing the high voltage and extra-high voltage power transmission and transformation and smart power grid in the national “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, focuses on researching and developing the subjects of energy saving tower, automatic deicer and intelligent robot, and makes the pilot plant test and achievement transformation on the researched and developed products by the enterprise. The above projects are the basic research projects of defending the power grid blackout arising out of the power transmission and transformation equipment failure in the national “973 program”, and have gained the phased achievements, including 15 new patented technologies.

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